Undergraduate Competency: Initiative and Entrepreneurship

A time when a project of mine went off track would be my  summer 2020 internship involvement with Alectra Utilities.

SITUATION: During my summer 2020 internship which was scheduled to end early due to increasing concerns regarding the pandemic, I was tasked on a project that required on-site team work in the billing operations department. None of my team members had worked online and we were upset that we will not get the full work-term. In addition, our supervisor was frustrated with other tasks. I could not go to my work office to complete my hours of participation which was required in my program, and this I made me frustrated. We had even requested our supervisor to reduce our hourly pay but allow us to remain on this project until its completion or else we would lose valuable work experience. My supervisor—Trance Keehl ensured that I stay connected with the project and the tasks should be adjusted.

TASKS: Although the tasks were done in an online setting, the challenging part was working from home was I did not acquire the company software such as  business utilized Microsoft office database that worked via SharePoint desktop. It was difficult to perform my regular duties as a Billing Operations assistant since my tasks involved checking billings on paper and then submitting them via desktop. The mobile version was radically different with reduced functionality.

ACTION: I ensured that I would able to complete the modified tasks given to me remotely  by utilizing scanned billing reports and sort them out via the Sharepoint Software. Another intern would organize them and record the information. If there were any issues we would reconnect with Trance on a weekly basis outside of his office hours.  

RESULTS: I was able to achieve this task via home although it was slightly change affecting the overall outcome of the project. I received meaningful feedback from Trance that we

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