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A lack of curiosity killed the cat - Beaton Executive

SITUATION: I work part of the PAL (Peer-assisting Learner) at Sheridan’s Tutoring & Library Services department. Near the end of semester of Fall 2019, I informed Professor Koch— 1 the LAWS20000 (Business Law) Professors whose class section I was assigned—that students were worried about how prepared they were for the upcoming Final Exam. Students provided me with feedback during the tutorials that they felt the questions done in class were difficult and were in case or essay style format whereas the upcoming final exam unlike the midterm would be multiple-choice format.

TASK: Prof. Koch rightly said that final grade submission is near, so he is unable to change the format and grading takes a lot longer since faculty submission of final grades is due in less than 4 days after the Final exam date. My task was to prepare practice multiple choice questions (MC/Qs) for students since the final exam will be in a different format than the midterm.  Professor Koch said that if I email him the document within 2 days, he will be able to provide me feedback in the comments, and send it back to me before the final tutorial that week.

ACTION: I was afraid that I would not be able to complete the document on time. This was the first time I have taken on such a task. I had created MC/Qs for my mentor but that was for grade 2 level math. This time I had to create MC/Qs for a degree program, core 2nd year course. The questions cannot be memorization and/or involve theory. They must be application. In this short amount of time, I decided to convert the application case questions in the textbook into MC/Qs.

RESULTS:  I managed to come up with new ideas based on previous experiences and knowledge when I had worked with my mentor. Also, I was able to expand my range of thinking in new and creative directions. Prof. Koch was glad that I was able to submit on time, and he provided me feedback in comments of the word. Document (evidence attached).

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