Professional Identity – Reflection Question: Why Should You Hire Me?

In this uploaded video, you will  see an interview regarding a role that is befitting as the next step in my life.

My answer to my vision/mission statement as a candidate are reiterated as it was noted in another tab of this section

Why I think I am the best for this role:

I believe I am the best candidate  for this role because I am a positive and hardworking individual. With attention to detail and multi-tasking skills.

During this turbulent time and the hardships brought by the pandemic, I am best capable of supporting our teachers to ensure that the progress of students is not hindered.

My technical skills:

I have a high proficiency in Google classroom and Microsoft apps. As well as I am proficient with IBM SPSS software, and can generate reports using various statistical analyses. 

I have also in the past, created a Primary school teacher with creating in-class handouts at the grade 2 level for special needs students specifically entailed towards those with Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia

My Professional Skills:

I have past experience as a TA at Sheridan for Applied research and Business law; 2nd year courses wherein I assisted the Profs. And ran weekly tutorial sessions.

This has developed my strong interpersonal skills.

I have experience working as a peer tutor 1on1 with students that are registered in Accessible Learning

Finally, my strengths entail:

I am a quick learner… and I always welcome criticism from my colleagues

I also have Behaviour Management Systems training. So I am a leader, and can support in support in the effective management of behaviour in schools. SO I understand managing behaviour results in safe and secure learning environments – evidenced by fewer conflicts and reduced need for physical interventions and discipline.

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