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My name is Ammar Shaikh, and I am in my final semester at Sheridan College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning, enrolled in (Honours) Bachelor of Business Administration Supply Chain Management.

My core value perspective is grounding, as some of my top values are kindness, confidence, searching for meaning, success, personal growth, and honesty. 

I highly value these things since every individual deserves to grow and improve while searching for a deeper meaning in their lives.

I am an INTJ-t which is A Turbulent architect wherein my motivation comes from within rather than from without and from a place of certainty rather the uncertainty.  I also have a thirst for knowledge, and believe through willpower and intelligence, I can achieve the most challenging of goals.

In terms of my grit, I am very resilient and exhibit a high level of tenacity. This can definitely relate to the fact, I have a growth mindset as I am very hard working and persistent as well as determined. When dealing with difficult situations, and problems, I strive to be realistic, and have a positive attitude. Change takes time, and I must take the adequate steps so that I never settle—I should always continue to strive to be the best version of myself.

I am an excellent mulit-tasker, and very reliable in projects. I have high adaptability; I am able to research and think outside the box as well For my future, I hope to work as a Public school teacher—as teaching is my passion so that I can directly motivate and support others realize their goals and become successful. 

My Tea Collection! – MY hobby is mixing different flavours of tea and formulating new iced tea receipies!

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