Intellectual Identity

learn something New at Sheridan

The most memorable piece of knowledge that I gained while enrolled at Sheridan College was during the last 4 weeks was how to create lesson plan handouts  utilize Google Classroom tools to create as well as my experience as a peer tutor at Sheridan’s tutoring services. As I developed this skill, I was able to step out of my comfort zone. I wanted to incorporate the most impact low classroom productivity that range from incomplete homework assignments to difficulty in focusing attention. Emotional factors arising from dysgraphia often exacerbate matters. My inspiration came from my academic journey throughout Sheridan as I am always inclined in sharing my knowledge that I have gained from my program–supply chain management–or from a specific course that I tutor. I think this developmental goal gave me greater insight to my epistemic curiosity.

Ammar’s CLP — Learning Style

In reference to the new skill development, and discussion post, I am a Type Two (Analytic) learner; I am more inclined to learn when I am able to listen to and think about information, seeking facts, thinking through ideas, formulating ideas.

I am mainly interested in acquiring new facts, that may increase my understanding of concepts, and processes–which in turn, would help me apply them to real-life scenarios. I think via my experiences, and judging the accuracy of what I encounter. I had started journaling as per the advice of my neurologist; to keep track of the episodes and pain levels. The journaling to get a better understanding of when and where my medical disability impacted my schedule. Recently, I also include ideas or concepts that I am still learning; I have noticed that I also like journaling my thoughts and understanding about a particular matter that is in process–instead of journaling my feelings. At the end of each day or at least every other day, I seek continuity and certainty regarding any problems that I have encountered.

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